Children at the dentist

It is important to start bringing children to the dentist early so that they can become comfortable and familiar with the practice and what to expect. Bringing a child to the dentist when you come for your regular appointments is beneficial because they can get used to the sights, smells and sounds. When the time comes to bring your child in for their own visit, try booking a time that your child is usually at their happiest and most attentive. Mornings can work well as this avoids children being overtired.

Before the appointment, discuss why coming to the dentist is important and make it exciting for them. “The dentist has a special chair that moves up and down” and “there’s a TV on the ceiling!” Try to avoid phrases that have negative connotations such as “be brave” or “nothing to be scared of”.

You can encourage your children to bring their favourite teddy/dolly etc. and our friendly team can demonstrate teeth brushing with the toy and this can make the children feel more relaxed, involved and interested.  Older siblings or parents can be used as models.

We suggest that if you are nervous about dentistry, it might be better to have another family member bring the child, as they can easily pick up on your emotions.

Some good old fashioned bribery doesn’t go amiss, we have a special box of surprises to choose from including stickers, bubbles and dinosaurs.