Preventative Care

We make your trip to the dentist as fun as can be, from a first visit to get you sitting in the chair. We’ll talk about how to look after your teeth and why it is important. If parents or guardian’s need help and advice looking after kid’s teeth, we can advise them as required.

From teaching you basic brushing and flossing techniques, to treatment for gum disease, we’ve got you covered. See our blog post for brushing tips.

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A routine clean will remove staining and calculus build-ups, stains are commonly caused by the things we eat and drink for example, tea, coffee and red wine.

When you visit the dentist, we check more than just your teeth. Think of it as “a check up, from the neck up”. The dentist will check your jaw joints, screen for oral cancer, assess lips, cheeks, gums and teeth.

If required, we will take some digital radiographs to check between your teeth and underneath old fillings and crowns. Your teeth will be cleaned and polished removing calculus build-ups and staining to refresh your pearly whites.

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Fluoride gets a bad reputation online, however; in small doses, it is beneficial to your tooth enamel making it stronger and more resistant to decay. We also have fluoride alternatives available that provide a similar outcome. Ask us about Tooth Mousse from GC.

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A fissure sealant – seals the fissures (grooves) in your teeth, preventing bacteria to form decay on the tooth surface.