Missing Teeth

Chattering Teeth

A cost effective way to replace missing teeth. Can be made in various materials, but are removable and can also go missing…

Choppers, Gnashers, Falsies, Wallies the list goes on…

George Washington’s false teeth were made from ivory and other human teeth – thankfully we now use alternative options. Typically your dentures would be made over 4 appointments, and we can use an existing set as a good starting point.

Elizabeth Quay Bridge
Elizabeth Quay Bridge
Upset young Caucasian man opened mouth and examines the absence of a tooth, looking in the mirror.
Missing tooth
Old Fashioned Steam Train with Air Whistle on Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland in Autumn
The Hogwart’s Express on Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth, they are a fixed solution that use your remaining tooth/teeth for support. Like a conventional bridge, this requires that the support is very strong to avoid collapse. Bridges are made in ceramic to match your own teeth, but will make flossing slightly more tricky.

Anatomy of healthy teeth and tooth dental implant in human dentu

Implants are a long term solution to replace missing teeth, they are great as a stand alone option, can be used to replace multiple teeth or even as support for dentures to stop them wiggling around when you eat and speak.

Don’t try this at home

This isn’t just an ordinary screw, we use state-of-the-art, bio-compatible titanium implants that integrate with your bone for strength and longevity. As technology advances, the cost of implants is coming down, you can even draw from your superannuation to improve your teeth. Ask us how.

Little cute fairy with magic wand

Not quite a visit from the tooth fairy, but we will make removal of teeth as pleasant as we can. You may even get a sticker afterwards.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult when you know how (because we actually push them out).