Cosmetic Dentistry

Rejuvenating and up-grading your smile is akin to painting only one wall in a room, you may want to freshen up any fine lines or restore your lips to their more youthful volume and frame your new smile.
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Wrinkle checker
Hyaluronan Injection Face Treatment
Hyaluronan Injection Face Treatment
Did you have braces as a teenager and then stop wearing your retainer? It’s a story as old as braces themselves.
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We offer various short-term options to straighten teeth, and if you are a suitable candidate, we’ll include whitening at the end of your treatment.

Unfortunately as we age, teeth continue to move and any minor crowding or overlapping teeth will continue to worsen. Think about this day last year, does it seem like five minutes have passed? This time next year, you could have the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Tea, coffee, red wine, soda, juices, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and tomato sauceā€¦

What do they have in common? Apart from being delicious, they all have the potential to stain teeth. However, even if you avoid all of these things, our teeth still get darker with age. So, enjoy them in moderation and see if tooth whitening is an option for you.

In the meantime, contrasting colours can give the illusion of whiter teeth, dark red lipstick, a tan, wearing blue tones (dark blues, greys and dark purples) and even growing a beard will make your teeth look brighter.

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Don’t want to smile in your wedding photos? Let us help

Veneers are having a bit of a comeback in dentistry, and you may have heard people talking about them. Generally they are used to close gaps, brighten and straighten teeth or to restore minor cracks and chipped teeth. Veneers are a much quicker way to straighten teeth compared to braces and may be better suited if you are time poor.