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Dental Anxiety

Scared of the Dentist?

95% of the population experience some form of dental anxiety, and 50% of adults don’t visit the dentist – don’t become a statistic! We have a range of options available to help you overcome your fear of the dentist, from sedation to relaxation techniques, helping you maintain good oral health.

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Meet the Dream Team!

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Give Louisa a call if you have any questions about the practice or our services
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Our Head Nurse, Ellie is a ray of sunshine and will brighten anyone’s day
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Dr. Laura

Dr Laura started Mount Lawley Smiles in early 2020, same face, same place. Come in and see us


What payment options do you have available?

We understand that the scariest part of a dental visit may be getting your bill at the end of the appointment. We have kept our prices competitive for the area, we have registered to be preferred providers with as many health funds as possible (and are on waiting lists for others) and we also accept multiple credit providers so that you can have your treatment done when required and pay it off at your own convenience. You can find more information about our credit options here.

Do you have HICAPS for private health rebates?

Absolutely, bring your health fund card with you and we can swipe and claim at the time of your appointment. If there is a gap to pay, this can be settled with eftpos, cash or afterpay.

I have broken a tooth, what should I do?

Please give us a call to make an appointment. If a piece has broken off, bring it with you if you can. If you have pain, we will endeavor to see you as soon as possible and can triage you over the phone. Our after hours number is 0438 406 621, please send a text and photo if you can.

Do you do X-rays in house?

Unfortunately technology hasn't advanced enough to allow us to see through teeth, so for a full picture of your dental health we need to take x-rays to have all of the information. There are two types of x-rays (AKA radiographs) that we take at our practice. We have the small x-rays that check between teeth and under old fillings and crowns for decay or infections. These are routinely taken every 2 years if you have no problems to make comparisons, or monitor changes. The other type we take is the full mouth x-ray (OPG) which is used to check bone levels, jaw joints, roots of teeth and location of wisdom teeth. These are repeated every 3-5 years depending on the information required. Prior to some surgeries you may need to go off-site for a more detailed 3D image to be taken.

What’s the difference between ‘in chair’ and ‘take home’ whitening kits?

The names are due to where the whitening takes place; In-chair bleaching is done in the dental chair and is a one off appointment. A stronger percentage of gel is used which can increase sensitivity. When you leave us, that is as light as your teeth will go, and is difficult to control. Due to the increased time you spend with us, the cost associated with in-chair is higher than a take-home kit. The take-home kit, includes custom trays that you can wear during the day or at night and the whitening gels that last up to 24months in your fridge, allowing to top up the brightness as required and at your own pace.

Why have you changed your name and phone number?

Dr Laura previously worked at 21 Vincent St (2014-2019) when it was Mount Lawley Dental Clinic. After a brief trip back to Scotland, she returned to Perth and set up a brand new business at 21 Vincent St, which included a new phone number, website and a shiny new chair, but the same high-quality dental services.

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Smiling Mt. Lawley Smiles Staff

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